Teachers’ Resources

Dear Teachers,

As well as the resources on the students’ self-study page, I have collected a wealth of resources for you to use in class and for homework activities.

  • My EFL teaching blog can be found here: https://eflste.wordpress.com/ I discuss a range of topics including lesson ideas and using technology in the classroom.
  • Film English contains ready-made lessons for all levels based on short films that can be shown in class and discussed.
  • Blogger / WordPress – If you click on the picture below, you will be able to see the blog at Blogger.com that I created in September 2014 for my Upper-Intermediate class. At first I asked students to answer questions which I posted, then I began to integrate pictures to make it more interesting and finally, I asked them to post their ThingLink links to the blogging site. At first, I corrected students’ work publicly, but many students were embarrassed about their mistakes and the amount of red that was on the screen, so I began to just print out their homework and give them private corrections.Picture


Make Beliefs Comics – After a lesson learning about inversion I asked the Advanced class students to go on Make Beliefs Comics and make a comic strip demonstrating the grammar point that we had just studied. I asked them to use at least three negative and limiting adverbials as well as show usage of the past perfect tense that we had studied in the previous week. Some students used the app on their phone, while others composed a story on paper with the intention of creating a final draft later. The students were then able to send the comic strip they had created to themselves as well as to me. This activity made learning and applying the knowledge that they had learned fun and practical.Below you can see two examples created by students. Click on them.



  • Prezi is a piece of presentation software, good for Business classes or General English. Here is an exaple of a Future Tense Prezi.
  • ThingLink is a platform where you can take pictures and videos and present them. Here is an example I created as an example. Also, you can see an example by a student here.
  • Mindmup is a platform whre you can create spider diagrams.
  • Kahoot (Class quiz app which is good for Formative Assessment. Better for young learners. Easier to set up that Socrative, less data available on students’ strengths and weaknesses).
  • Socrative is a quiz app for effective formative assessment that enables you to quickly engage and assess students on electronic device. Instructions on how to use it can be found here. Here is a screenshot of the report that you can pull up for the students.


Recommended by other teachers, but I haven’t used/tested them yet. Feel free.

  • Movenote
  • Dvolver
  • Canva
  • StoryBird
  • SoundCloud / AudioBoom
  • Spreaker
  • Powtoon
  • Emaze


Ste McLean

Senior Teacher, Bloomsbury International